What is efoil or hydrofoil?

  • The efoil means electric hydrofoil. People do not need waves, and the motor performs the propulsion powers to move through any water. The hydrofoil is similar in appearance and purpose to aerofoils used by airplanes but operates in water.
  • Unlike hydrofoil, efoil is more effort-saving. It uses power to allow people to fly on the water faster, adjust and control speed, and add technology to make it more mysterious and attractive.


  • Generally speaking, efoil setups are designed to resist damage caused by water. Require little to no maintenance but should be cleaned thoroughly with fresh water after use.
  • Hydrofoils are sensitive to impacts from the saltwater-meets-metal aspect that triggers the detrimental reaction in your hydrofoil. So you need high maintenance like flushing with fresh water after every use, bringing it to a halt.


  • Efoil can be enjoyed from lakes to rivers and oceans. But both of them have a higher standard for the place because safety is paramount.
  • Foiling at a depth of 1.5m of clear water is recommended to avoid unseen hazards. Keep clear of the swimmers to protect both you and the swimmer from being interrupted.


  • In terms of price, the hydrofoil is much cheaper, efoil may be more expensive due to the technological design and improved performance, but different efoil prices vary.
  • Waydoo’s efoil is a relatively more cost-effective product on the market. Please refer to the link Waydoo Flyer ONE eFoil – EPP Edition


  • Generally speaking, the efoil tends to weigh a bit heavier due to the need for batteries, but it can be disassembled and easy to place. Typically, though, most people place efoil and hydrofoil in the trunk and drive to the surf site.
  • So from this point of view, there is no significant difference between the hydrofoil and efoil, because it is the car to carry, not the people, to the sea with the benefits of the waves, the weight difference will be even less obvious.


Finally, both of them have their characteristics. The specific choice depends on the personal hobby. Generally speaking, efoil have a stronger sense of technology, do not need a lot of effort to repair, and can adjust the speed. With the power of technology flying on the water surface, we will learn more quickly and effectively.